Not Impossible

First time I heard Mick Ebeling’s presentation was at Juniper’s Marketing Summit. Not only was blown away by the how he crowd-solved and hacked the issues technology to impact people, but also how he inspired people to further action. Especially the Project Daniel was really resonated with me. No wonder he won the Muhamad Ali “Humanitarian of the Year.”


Glad months later Juniper announce the partnership with “Not Impossible Lab,” and I got to work on the design!

After seeing his presentation in person and many YouTube videos after (Yes, I was obsessed!). I found Mick’s basketball cap very iconic! I decided to create a teaser campaign with he wears a the cap silhouette. 

absurb-v3 2.jpg

He told many amazing stories that day, but Project Daniel is my personal favorite. I wanted to feature him front and center, hopefully it will emotionally move people like how I was moved. 

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Multicultural Day

Proud to see kids are representing Taiwan and USA at multicultural school event. So thankful for so many volunteers put this amazing event together. A lot of work is an understatement, however really pays off when seeing kids were really enjoy the experience, proud of their heritages. Happy I was be able to design the banner and T-shirts for our Taiwanese Booth, almost in tears when everything came together. 看到青天白日滿地紅的國旗在美國飄揚,心裡還是一陣一陣的感動。謝謝我的台媽夥伴們一起同心協力地把這個活動辦得這麼好。



Iceland is such a dramatic, out of this world kind of place. Amazing to see such incredible landscapes. Despite the wet and cold, also the endless long ride, we had so such fun experience beautiful nature. However, it makes me sad to see how much the glacier has retreated and thinner over the years. I believe global warming is real, not a fake news! We need to protect our beautiful earth.


birthday gift for him, long lost love for me.

We celebrated Scott milestone birthday! He told me months before his birthday, only thing he wants is a huge painting by me and the kids, no need to have a big party. Well, he got both anyway. 

I am not going to lie, it took a while to find the courage to painting again. After college, most of the work I did were all digtial. There is no undo like Photoshop or vector curves in Illustrator when you paint. I was doubting myself when I was looking at this huge blank 5’X4’ canvas. After many months of struggle, I finally started few weeks before the deadline (aka Scott’s birthday). I asked kids to start to paint, I was suprised and admire that how kids were 100% carefree, they went straight to daddy’s favorite blue color and let the paint flows with such a joy. I was moved, 3 of us started our first painting together in the backyard. It was one of the most perfect Sunday afternoons. 

Even though the painting is a birthday gift to Scott, but it is really a gift for myself; I found my long lost love, my passion and tons of encouragements. Thanks to my life-long partner. He gets me, encourage me, he is also a perfect dad for my children. Happy Birthday my love.

No wonder they had so much fun painting, noticed that J holds the paint brush like a light saber! The force is strong with the young one!

No wonder they had so much fun painting, noticed that J holds the paint brush like a light saber! The force is strong with the young one!


Art Vista

What a rewarding year of teaching Art Vista at Ethan’s elementary school. Fun to teach kid what I love and help them to discover and appreciate art. Even though looks like I was teaching them, but actually I was learning from the kids, how to be trust your instinct and finding freedom in art. Thankful for my partner in crime Nancy to make this experience so wonderful and easy.